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Hey Everyone! Soon after I realized my obsession for shoes, well, then came my obsession for bags! So, of course, what a better way to stay organized and keep them at my fingers than to make a group for "strictly purses"?! Please feel free to add your favorite purses/bags/satchels/evening bags...anything "bags", I'd LOVE to see them! Have fun! -Jaime :)

Fab Finds of The Week: The Bags To Have

Posted By Fashion on Apr 30, 2007 at 7:11AM

My Spring Handbag Guide seems like it was so long ago so I thought it would be fun to share some of the bags you all recently Fab Found. You have proven to love accessories of all costs and here's the proof! Which one is you favorite? Mine is actually this perfectly patently trimmed tote found by redegg! And for the cost, $13, this is a true Fab Find.

The Fab Finder of the week is redegg! Every week the Fab Finder I announce Monday morning will receive either a TeamSugar or FabSugar baby tee shirt. I thoroughly enjoy perusing your Fab Finds every week, so dare to be a Fab Finding trendsetter and you just might win a Sugar tee!

Canvas Tote with Red Trim found by redegg.

Chloe addington leather bag, found by LizaToad.

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Fab's Spring Handbag Guide! Colorful Satchels

Posted By Fashion on Mar 30, 2007 at 3:45PM

The satchel is your handbag best friend. It's medium sized, ladylike and simple - I'm sure everyone has a favorite satchel sitting in her closet needing a dust off! If not, this Spring would be a good time to invest in one - especially a colorful one. Because this isn't an oversized tote it's a better colorful contender - there's less bag so it's not so in-your-face bright. And a satchel is what you get when you have to take the shoulder strap off a convertible bag. Here are a few lovelies.

Join the Ooh! Cute purses! group founded by justjaime27 if you too are a handbag collector!

COACH Legacy Canvas Satchel, $698.

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Fab's Spring Handbag Guide! Convertible bags

Posted By Fashion on Mar 29, 2007 at 2:02PM

When form meets function you have the convertible bag. These have been the celeb favorite lately. Remember Reese and her Lanvin? As well, Ashley Olsen's all about it. When worn as a satchel, the long strap hangs in a cool lackadaisical fashion; when worn as a shoulder bag, it looks travel ready. The convertible bag is even more convenient than the car, if you ask me. Here are some fab favorites.

I hope you're loving my Spring Handbag Guide! Just can't get enough? Join the Ooh! Cute purses! group founded by justjaime27.

Prada Nappa Gaufré Convertible Satchel, $2,360.

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Fab's Spring Handbag Guide! Printed Canvas

Posted By Fashion on Mar 28, 2007 at 2:04PM

Printed canvas bags provide some comic relief during this week's Spring Handbag Guide. I know we all love buttery leather, but color and prints are best done on canvas - it is many artist's favorite medium after all! Prints are bold and whimsical, providing an outfit a shot of fun. Now I heard all your comments about Target in yesterday's post on small shoulder bags and I totally feel you. I found a fun printed canvas bag via Target to share - enjoy!

Just can't get enough of handbags? Join the Ooh! Cute purses! group founded by justjaime27.

McQ Alexander McQueen Printed Tote, $823.

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Designer Spotlight: Joanna Louca

Posted By Fashion on Mar 28, 2007 at 7:11AM

I discovered Joanna Louca on a trip to NYC last year. I was in a cool new boutique in the West Village that specialized in indie designers and one of her handbags caught my eye. It had a crafty appeal to it and looked like something one would find in Eastern Europe, like Istanbul or somewhere. Not quite Missoni, not quite Marni, something different and new - I was smitten.

Joanna Louca woven accessories are created entirely by hand on domestic handlooms with yarns of the highest caliber. The shapes of the bags are slightly vintage, and manage to be very polished. Joanna started her accessories in 2000; consisting of bags, belts and scarves, they are all produced at her weaving workshop and production unit in Cyprus and Italy. See, these are worldly treasures!

Joanna's designs are sold worldwide and in select boutiques. Though prices aren't shown on the website, I remember the one I fondled was in the $300 range and about the size of the one shown here.

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Fab's Spring Handbag Guide! Small Shoulder Bags

Posted By Fashion on Mar 27, 2007 at 3:22PM

Hey ladies! Get funky with these small shoulder bags. This is actually one of my all time favorite styles! They are ladylike and urban wrapped into one; because of this you can dress it up or funk it down. I don't carry lots of stuff on a regular basis, especially on the weekends when I prefer to lighten my load, so if you don't need an over-sized tote, right this way please...

Be sure to tune in all week long to see my Fab Spring Handbag Guide. Just can't get enough? Join the Ooh! Cute purses! group founded by justjaime27.

Mulberry Brook metallic leather bag, $595.

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Fab's Spring Handbag Guide! Oversize Totes

Posted By Fashion on Mar 26, 2007 at 2:29PM

I hope you all found my Spring Shoe Guide last week helpful! It appears crispet was inspired because she put together a whole Spring/Summer Shoe Collection: Under $25. It is in the FRUGALOSITY! group - be sure to join in on the frugal fashion fun. Thanks crispet!

So, onto the other key accessory for life: handbags! All week long I am going to show you Fab's Spring Handbag Guide. I wonder what crispet will come up with at week's end...

Starting off with oversize totes, every woman should have one of these. While these are ideal for work and travel, one should be aware of the dangers of overloading one of these! With the buttery leather options these days it's hard to settle for just one. Well, here are three. Enjoy!

Bulga Large Multi Zip Bag in Satin Blue, $735.

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